Bob Stojanovic

Bob Stojanovic

Director of Microgrids North America, ABB

Bob has been with ABB since 1999. Director of Microgrids North America. Since 2015 Bob has been responsible for Microgrids in North America for ABB. This role is a function of Corporate BusinessDevelopment reaches across all ABB divisions and business units.  For the past 2 years bob has been leading a coordinated team effort at ABB to develop deep successful relationships with key customers and partners in the energy industry. The primary responsibility is to leverage ABB’s experience and technical expertise in order to enable the microgrid market to grow and reach its full potential. Responsibilities include: business development, strategy and analysis of local markets, development of new solutions including strategic relationships with customers, developers, and other key technology providers. Broad collaboration is a key emphasis during the early stages of microgrid market development in North America.
Prior to taking this role Bob spent 2010-2015 in a similar role in heading up the vertical solar power initiative within ABB North America. Prior to that Bob has had various sales management roles within ABB on the West Coast and Southern California primarily surrounding ABB’s portfolio of industrial automation and power products and systems.  Bachelor of Engineering: Western University, London Ontario Canada MBA: Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles California.

Day 1 Keynotes

9:30 to 9:40 – Bob Stojanovic, ABB: Microgrids: Enabling and Optimizing Distributed Generation, from Remote Villages to the Modern Macrogrid   9:40 to 10:10 – Karl R. Rábago, Pace Energy and Climate Center: Microgrids and Reforming our Energy Vision: The NY Perspective