Elad Shaviv

Elad Shaviv

CEO, NakiTech; CEO, Israel Smart Energy Assoc; Board Member, Microgrid Israel

Elad Shaviv is the CEO and co-founder of the Israeli Smart Energy Association (ISEA), and is deeply engaged today in the emerging microgrid market, in Israel, the US, and Europe as the founder of two companies in the microgrid control services.  as a thought leader in the rapidly changing energy market, Elad chairs the Global Power Utilities Business Innovation Forum, sits on the global IEC microgid standards expert group and the steering committee of the World Utility Summit s.  Prior to engaging with the energy domain, Elad served as an executive at Cisco Systems, and prior at several start-up IT ventures.

On-Grid Case Studies

Eric Martinot, Distributed and Local Energy (DALE): Micro-Grids and Distributed Energy in China: Business, Policy, and Planning Models for Scale-Up Elad Shaviv, NakiTech and Israel Smart Energy Association: Redefining ROI with Improved Control of Existing Assets Rick Winter, Uni Energy Technologies (UET): Enabling PV as the Primary Energy Source in MW-Scale Microgrids Sandra Vanderstoep, VI Construction […]