Herbert Wade

Herbert Wade

Independent Energy Consultant, Pacific Island Governments and Utilities

Dr. Herbert Wade has over 30 years experience in renewable energy program, policy and project development in more than 35 developing countries across Asia, Africa, the Pacific and Latin America. His focus has been in the development of policy and project designs for rural development using renewable energy and in the creation and delivery of training/capacity building programs for renewable energy technicians and businesses.

Rural Electrification by Solar PV Mini-Grids in the Pacific Islands

Beginning in 2006 with the UNDP funded replacement of the diesel generator that electrified the 10 households, workshop and church on the Samoa island of Apolima and followed by the EU funded 2009 electrification of the small islands of Asor and Fadarai in the Micronesian Atoll of Ulithi, solar miniĀ­grids both with and without diesel […]