Ian Baring Gould

Technology Deployment Manager, NREL

Ian Baring-Gould

Technology Deployment Manager & Senior Engineer

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Ian has over 30 years of work in the minigrid market sector with a focus on integrating RE technologies into microgrid power systems, primarily for rural electrification. Starting in the development of control strategies and modeling of off grid power systems in the mid 1980’s, Ian has worked in the modeling, development and deployment of isolated power systems across the globe. Current work centers on methodologies to expand microgrid/minigrid development through lessons from utility market development, such as the development of Quality Assurances Frameworks for minigrid power systems, leading to the standardization and bundling of off grid power systems to serve rural and isolated populations.

Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) Announcement

Providing clean and affordable energy services to the more than 1 billion people globally who lack access to electricity will be a critical driver for poverty reduction, job creation, and improved health and social outcomes. Distributed energy solutions such as mini-grids are critical because the majority of un- electrified populations—more than 84%—are located in rural […]


Alaska Panel Discussion: Microgrids’ First Frontier: Lessons from 20 Years of Microgrids

The Alaskan microgrid panel will share sessions from 20 years of hybrid microgrids in the state of Alaska, USA.  Video Introduction by Senator Lisa Murkowski.  Moderated by Ian Baring Gould.