Kaitlyn Bunker, Ph.D.

Kaitlyn Bunker, Ph.D.

Senior Associate, Rocky Mountain Institute, Island Energy Program

As a Senior Associate at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), Kaitlyn leads energy modeling and technical analysis to complete integrated resource plans in partnership with Caribbean island utilities and governments, which are a key piece of developing national energy transition strategies. These plans take a whole-systems view of various options for the future of the electricity sector on each island. Kaitlyn also leads modeling efforts related to small island microgrid opportunities.

Kaitlyn joined Rocky Mountain Institute after completing a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI. Her dissertation research focused on microgrids, and optimizing control strategies for distributed renewable resources. Kaitlyn is a 2010 recipient of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

Drawing from experiences with a Solar-Diesel Hybrid microgrid in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines and a Solar-Storage-Geothermal system in Montserrat, Kaitlyn with present with her colleague Owen Lewis from the Rocky Mountain Institute.  The presentation will examine how island utilities can plan for microgrid systems, and will also expand on the best practice in feasibility, developmental, and economic modeling stages of island microgrid projects.

Microgrid Development in the Carribean: Collaborative Approaches for Small Utility Systems

Isolated microgrids on islands in the Caribbean are transitioning to include more renewable resources and energy storage options; the insights gained during these transitions can be applied with other isolated and connected microgrids around the world. Drawing from experiences with island microgrids in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, Montserrat, and Belize, this presentation will examine […]