Marc Lopata

Marc Lopata

President, Azimuth Energy and Solar Island Energy

Marc is a licensed, Professional Engineer with over 20 years’ experience in engineering, construction, development, renewable energy, and applied sciences. He is a NABCEP-certified Solar Installation Professional, and installed his first solar energy system in 1992. He has participated in the design, construction, or development of hundreds of commercial renewable energy and energy efficiency projects across the country and internationally. Marc is Engineer-of-Record for over 400 solar-PV projects, and has helped his clients reduce their grid electricity usage by over 60GWh a year through renewables and efficiency (3Q2016). He also has implemented over 80 large-scale
battery based energy-storage projects totaling over 75 MWh of energy storage capacity. Marc is President of Azimuth Energy (USA) and Solar Island Energy (Caribbean). The companies also provide owner’s agent and forensic services to financial institutions, portfolio managers, building owners and other solar developers for performance verification, warranty compliance, insurance settlement, and disbursement management. The engineering team also is responsible for evaluation and integration of new technologies, as well as optimizing the deployment of more traditional systems.  Prior to being immersed full time in the solar-energy industry, Marc held senior positions with a multinational Fortune-100 corporation, an ENR-100 engineering firm, and an internationally-recognized oceanographic research institution. He is involved in a variety of nonprofit and governmental bodies: including a decade on Planning & Zoning Commissions and five years on the Board of Directors of the US Green Building Council in St Louis including two years as Board President. He is a regular public
speaker presenting training and seminars and participating on panel discussions on renewable energy,
energy efficiency, and advanced technology topics to a diverse audience from industry trade groups and
non-governmental agencies to firefighters and first responders.  Azimuth and Solar Island employ NABCEP- Certified Solar Installation Professionals, have licensed engineers on staff, and is a licensed General Contractor. The
engineering team has completed many advanced technology “microgrid” and “diesel-hybrid” projects, including battery storage, fuel cells, electric vehicle charging/storage, wind turbines, and centralized metering of electricity and both solar-thermal and waste-heat hot water.

HOMER as a Swiss Army Knife, for Business Development, Engineering and Finance Support

The skills we find most valuable about HOMER are validating and quantifying intuitive performance of microgrids, optimizing system capacities for storage and generation, and calculating lowest cost of energy for a microgrid. An experienced plant engineer can intuit how storage and generator runtime affect each other. But it is quite another task to develop the […]