Yung Wong

Yung Wong

Manager of Engineering, WorldWater & Solar Technologies

Yung Wong, Manager of Engineering at WorldWater & Solar Technologies in Princeton, NJ, has developed several solar powered water pumping and purification systems while helping to solve energy and water challenges in Haiti. These efforts led to the development of a patent pending man portable, solar driven water purification system for disaster relief, military, and outdoor backpacking field use through an EPA program. In his role as Manager of Engineering, Yung is responsible for the detailed design, project costing, and financial modeling of new commercial and utility size solar power plants as well as off-grid solar water pumping systems. He is currently developing engineering programs for solar parks and solar powered water pumping systems for irrigation installations in the US, the Philippines and Morocco, among other countries. Yung received his Bachelor (2012) and Master (2014) of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Clean Energy Systems from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL.

Integrated Water-Electricity Microgrid Planning in the Philippines using HOMER Pro. A Five Island Microgrid Case Study

A presentation demonstrating the use of HOMER Pro in the design of 5 island microgrids with the integration of water pumping, storage, and filtration into the overall system designs. The projects are situated in the Philippines Sibuyan Sea in the Provinces of Romblon and Antique and are in the frachise areas of two local electric […]