We are looking for speakers who are industry practitioners, project managers, researchers, and executives interested in delivering a 15-minute presentation at our 6th annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference. Specifically, we are looking for speakers in the areas of:

  • On- and off-grid case studies
  • Market conditions, insights, and strategies
  • Project financing
  • Regulatory issues
  • Development challenges and opportunities
  • Reducing commercial and industrial (C&I) energy bills
    • Demand charge reduction
    • Energy arbitrage
    • Self-consumption
  • Recent progress in storage technology
  • Microgrid controllers

As a speaker, you’ll provide an invaluable service for the microgrid community by sharing your lessons and insights.

Proposals should include a title, brief abstract, and the full name, address, and affiliation of the speaker. Speaking proposals will be accepted through May 6, 2018.

HOMER International Microgrid Conference does not cover presenters’ expenses or accommodations. A discounted registration rate fee is available for all presenters.

Please submit your speaking proposals below.